viernes, septiembre 16, 2011

The Internet Breaks School Walls Down | Edutopia

Interesante editorial de Will Richardson acerca del giro que trae la tecnología en las nuevas maneras de aprender. The Internet Breaks School Walls Down | Edutopia:
A continuación cito uno de los puntos más relevantes para mí presentado en este artículo:

This is a world where we can easily make connections to ideas and people and build potent learning networks in the process, one where leveraging these networks and tools can yield a powerful online portfolio of ideas and artifacts. Yet we teach in classrooms limited by physical walls, contrived relationships, and mind-numbing assessments. There are a billion primary sources out there -- scientists, journalists, politicians, and the like -- who may know more than we do about whatever it is we are teaching, and, for the first time, we can easily and flexibly bring them to our students to interact and learn. I was a journalism major in college, but when Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Scott Higham, from the Washington Post, mentored one of my students by interacting with her on her blog, she learned more than I alone could have taught her. Even better, we can teach our students how to make these connections themselves, to find the sources and resources they need when they need them, instead of depending on us to provide them.
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  1. Saludos Sandra:

    Espero que estés bien. Muy buena aportación, me encantó el artículo, muy pertinente. Richardson es uno de mis tecnófilos favoritos. Sigue adelante con el buen trabajo y entusiasmo.


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